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Discover the Wonders of Peru with Naty’s Travel, it's the only way!

First of all, Naty’s Travel Agency is well known for its quality service, excellent staff and equipment.
Also, we respect our ancient communities and we are very responsible with our environment.
We were actually one of the first agencies in Cusco to take groups to Machu Picchu and that's how we got our start. We have been running trips to Machu Picchu since April of 1989, and after that we started providing more trips around Cusco.

We grew into what we are today, OFFICIAL OPERATOR OF THE INCA TRAIL NETWORKS TO MACHUPICCHU. We have the Peruvian government authorization.
Naty PRADO herself is always willing to go above and beyond the call of duty. She has a Bachelors Degree in Tourism and has worked with tourists for over 20 years. And Valerio QUINONES, who tells us that his favorite part of tourism is to help people and help them enjoy his country and city. He is bi-lingual and has taught English classes locally in Cusco for the last 15 years. He emphasizes an eco-tourism approach and asks that the visitor to Cusco respect the culture and the archeological sites.
Throughout the years, they have established themselves as one of the premier travel agencies in Peru with the help of key players throughout the continent.
English, French and Italian are the languages that our staff speaks.
We pretend to show our customers how wonderful is our country by offering the best service.
Her daughter, Corali Quinones, currently living in Québec city in Canada is the contact of Naty's Travel overseas. She has a Master Degree in Tourism, Culture and Entertainement. English and french bilingual skilled.

We have extended our services into a family guesthouse. We can welcome you in our house! located 5 minutes walking distance from the main square. We offer rooms with private toilet, wi-fi acces, breakfast and even medical attention with the best B&B rates.

Finally, we thank you for your visiting our official website. We will appreciate to receive any comments or critics you would like to give us.

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Address: Pasaje Pampa de la Alianza 149, Cusco - Peru
Mobile: +51 984 055 859 | +51 999 200 459
Email: info@natysperutours.com | reservas@natysperutours.com | natysagency@hotmail.com

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